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New Generation XF, XG & XG+ Introducing the New Generation XF, XG & XG+
New Generation XF, XG & XG+

Discover the New Generation XF, XG & XG+ in more detail.

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New Generation DAF XF, XG, XG+

New Generation XF

The New Standard

The New Generation XF features a full new cab design with a 160 mm elongation at the front for industry-leading aerodynamics, highest energy efficiency and lowest CO2 emissions. The New Generation XF has a 75 mm lower cab datum compared to the highly acclaimed and still available XF Super Space Cab and Space Cab. In combination with a large windscreen and ultra-low belt line, this results in unmatched direct vision, contributing to industry-leading safety, especially regarding Vulnerable Road Users. Standing height in the new XF is excellent and is between 1,900 and 2,075 mm, depending on the position within the cab.

When it comes to long distance and international transport, the New Generation XF clearly sets the standard. With advanced aerodynamics, unbeatable fuel efficiency and the lowest CO 2 emissions. It raises the bar in safety with features like industryleading Direct Vision. And it cuts operating costs significantly, with service intervals of just once-a-year.

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New Generation XG

A League Of It's Own

DAF is introducing the XG and XG+, creating a new top class market segment, which takes maximum benefit from the new masses and dimensions regulations. Next to the 160 mm elongated front, both flagship models feature no less than 330 mm extra length at the rear of the cab for unmatched space to work, live and sleep. The cab datum of the XG and XG+ is 125 mm higher than the New Generation XF. The semi-flat floor provides the optimal combination of an easy access with only 3 steps and a great seating position for excellent direct vision.

The New Generation DAF XG creates a new top-market segment: it’s the first-ever truck to exploit new EU regulations on masses & dimensions. The elongated cab offers unmatched space and superior comfort – ideal for journeys of extended duration. And it has the best fuel economy in the market, thanks to optimal aerodynamic design and a supremely efficient driveline.

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New Generation XG+

The New Flagship

The new XG+ outperforms every truck on the market when it comes to interior space. The height of the roof is increased even more to offer a standing height of up to an impressive 2,220 mm. This XG+ is DAF’s true top-of-the-range model, offering a dazzling level of living comfort and spaciousness which are unique in the entire industry. With a volume of 12.5 m3, the DAF XG+ has even 14% more volume than the industry-benchmark, the current DAF XF Super Space Cab.

The New Generation XG + is DAF’s flagship model. The absolute pinnacle of comfort and luxury in the transport industry. It takes spaciousness to the next level, offering unsurpassed standing height. And comes with the best options in terms of extra comfort, styling and multimedia. Setting new standards of safety for drivers and other road users, it outperforms every truck on the market.

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