​Greenhous DAF partner chemical waste experts Hazport.

​The vast majority of manufacturing processes result in some form of chemical waste.  These have to be safely disposed of and Hazport of Whitchurch is a specialist business which deals with the safe collection and disposal of such wastes.  To carry out this service they use DAF trucks provide by Greenhous DAF of Shrewsbury.

James Chambers is the owner and founder of the Hazport Limited.  Having studied for an environmental science degree he moved into technical sales at Cleanaway. This gave him 3 years of experience in the waste disposal industry.  They were happy and formative years for James and he decided in March 2006 to take a ‘leap of faith’ and give up the security of his job and start out on his own.

With £1,000 he bought his first used J-reg DAF 45 truck from an old friend of his in Wigan.  It took him 3 months of hard work to get it through its MOT, but at the third attempt, and with help of his good friend Wilson Rees, it passed. Using a Vauxhall Astra van James set out to gain orders for his fledgling business.  He was the salesman, producer of invoices, collector and disposer of waste – a real ‘one man band’.

By September 2007 he ordered a new 57-plate DAF 7.5 tonne truck from Greenhous and took on his first employee, meaning there were two drivers available. He then purchased an ex-Post office DAF 17 tonne truck which had done 800,000 miles.  With help from P D Stevens of Market Drayton, the commercial vehicle bodywork specialists, both trucks were similarly liveried and ready for collection and disposal sorties. In time the 57-plate was replaced with a new truck and the ex-Post Office DAF by a newer version.

Pictured are left, Colin Moore, Greenhous truck sales executive, and James Chambers from Hazport.

James reflected on how things have developed saying: “We have just received a new DAF FAR CF Space cab curtain sider from Greenhous. It looks stunning with its livery and says exactly what we do on the panels. It has certainly gained us work having such a bold and clear message.

“We now have two DAF trucks and four vans working out of Whitchurch and a further four DAF LF 7.5 tonne trucks on hire to a firm in Macclesfield. All of our trucks come from Greenhous DAF and we have service and maintenance contracts on all of them.”

Hazport operate a nationwide service visiting the largest companies, for example pharmaceutical manufacturers, down to sole traders like garages. Waste comes in all forms, liquid, solids and gases. Hazport offers an accredited service where they will go in and segregate chemical substances and package them for safe removal and transport. They are a specialist chemist service. Each customer will get a complete, detailed audit of their waste and how it will be collected and where it will be disposed of from James’ team. Hazport handle the whole range of hazardous wastes ensuring that disposal of waste is ethical and environmentally safe.

Looking to the future, James sees growth of the business as a key priority. “We are looking to expand and we will soon need new premises. We will also need two articulated trucks and a tanker all of which we will source through Greenhous DAF. I have 7 full time staff at the moment, including my father who left a teaching career of 30 years to gain his Class 2 HGV licence and drive for me!

“Our relationship with Greenhous DAF is very strong.  I had a fascinating trip to the Leyland factory where the DAF trucks are assembled.  It really gives you an insight into the process and the quality of the workmanship. Greenhous DAF have always been excellent with their sales and service, they never fail to deliver vehicles on time and fully liveried.  We would not buy trucks off anyone else, we are committed to the brand.  The continuity and professionalism of the staff is excellent and the technicians deserve credit, two even stayed behind after normal hours to find and fix a fault on one of our trucks – that impressed me.  Greenhous DAF have got it just about right.”

To find out more about Hazport visit their website www.hazport.co.uk