It is not rare to find employees at Greenhous who have extensive careers with the company. Many started on training schemes and have worked their way up through the ranks to positions of seniority.

Graham Waters is one of those loyal employees.  Graham started on a YTS programme with Greenhous at their Midland Yard depot in Shrewsbury.  This was in 1985 when the company were Bedford truck agents.  Graham remembers being paid the princely sum of £27.30 per week!

His training lasted for 3 years during which time he mixed studies at Shrewsbury College with practical experience in the workshops at Greenhous. In years 2 and 3 Graham achieved ‘top student’ status and achieved his B Tech in Automotive Engineering. Eventually he moved with the department to their new base on the Battlefield Industrial Estate.

He moved onto service reception in 1996 partly due to the influence of former Greenhous DAF Managing Director, Keith Sayfritz’s encouragement to leave the ‘spanners’ and look to improve himself. After 5 years he moved up to the position of truck sales executive.

Graham then made the decision to leave Greenhous for pastures new in December 2006. However, his boss Kevin Comerford had said to him if it doesn’t work out he would be welcome to return. In August 2007 Graham was back in harness as a truck sales executive again at Greenhous DAF.

With so much experience in truck sales behind him, Graham has recently been promoted to the role of Retail Sales Manager for both the Shrewsbury and Willenhall Greenhous DAF sites. This is a more strategic role, though he still does some sales work, though a lot more time is dedicated towards managing other sales staff and mentoring new recruits.

Graham has two children and maintains a healthy interest in watching sport and playing golf. He has a history of long distance running with two London marathons on his achievement list. He ran for the Severn Hospice in both 2007 and 2010 raising over £2,400 for this excellent cause. He is thinking about a third race!