Greenhous Commercials operate from locations in Shrewsbury and Willenhall providing a range of services to their customers including sales, service and repair, MOT, and an ever growing parts stock. The enduring partnership between Greenhous and DAF is a testament to the very close co-operation between the companies and the trusting relationship developed over time between the senior staff on both sides, coupled with high levels of customer service.

The Parts Department at Greenhous Commercials has just benefited from a huge investment in a new parts extension to their warehousing at Willenhall. Speaking at the opening of the new warehouse facility, Steve Crick, Parts Director for Greenhous Commercials, said: “The new building is to help the future parts growth for the company. The extended warehousing will give more space for stock and will make us more efficient, speeding up picks and further enhancing the already excellent service provided to the customer. We see this investment as essential as we carry even more TRP stock for all makes of vehicles.”

The warehouse facility is fully racked with flexible systems to allow for different stock sizes to be accommodated. Horizontal shelving, pallet storage, vertical slots for exhaust systems, and racks of drawers have all been incorporated into the warehouse structure which will benefit from low cost, movement activated lighting and the latest environmental controls for heating and ventilation.

“I must say how excited the team and I are, and how this will have a positive impact on our ability to increase the service we offer by having the space required to store and manage our stocks today, tomorrow and in the future,” beamed Dave Moss, Parts Operations Manager at Greenhous Commercials.

Dave continued to extoll the benefits of the new build revealing: “We currently have a first time pick of 96.3% and that is the highest in the UK for any DAF Dealer. Our current DAF stocking parameters are set to hold stock when we sell two of any item within a 12 month period. As our sales increase so does our depth of supporting stock.

“I have been in talks with DAF to increase our stock by holding parts when we have only sold one item in the usual 12 month period as opposed to two where stock lines are supported by sales elsewhere around the UK. This will result in Greenhous satisfying customers further at the point of order. Customers will not have to wait until the next morning, which will result in a decrease in vehicle down time.

“We currently hold in excess of £2 million in stock within our existing parts warehouse which we have outgrown. The new build allows us to spread this stock, with easier access, leading to an increase in efficiency. In addition the new build allows further space for us to develop and grow our inventory whether it be demand or through innovation.”

The new build has the potential to see the Greenhous Commercials’ Willenhall stock inventory surpass £3 million.  There are currently 18 parts vans operating from Willenhall delivering up to six times per day.  In addition there is access to a further £1 million of stock from the Shrewsbury depot and Greenhous Commercials Willenhall can select from this location twice a day.

It was only right that a special guest should be invited to open the new facility and Greenhous Commercials were delighted to welcome Trevor Mitchell, Parts Sales & Marketing Director for DAF Trucks, to tour and view the whole parts operation at Greenhous Commercials Willenhall. Trevor was impressed declaring: “Greenhous continue to be a strong partner for DAF and the investment in this superb parts department extension reflects their confidence in the growth for the coming years. Greenhous’s drive for excellent customer service is at the forefront of any new investment and this facility will enable them to deliver on customers’ future needs.”

Pictured are (left) Trevor Mitchell and Dave Moss inside the new parts warehouse.