​Dairy product storage and haulage company takes on new DAF trucks from Greenhous.​

Edwards Transport Ltd of Hinstock near market Drayton operate as a 24/7 haulage and warehousing business having been founded in the early 1970’s by Alan Edwards. The company is now led by his son Mark and has 38 tractor units and 70 trailers, 40 of which are refrigerated, in its fleet.

Recently Edwards Transport has taken on two DAF trucks from Greenhous Commercials of Shrewsbury. The new DAF’s can be used to tow the 32,000 litre bulk liquid milk tankers or haul the refrigerated trailers transporting mature cheese and dried milk powder around the British Isles and Ireland, collecting and supplying food manufacturers.

The Hinstock base has specialist temperature controlled warehousing holding around 13,000 pallets of cheese and bulk milk powder. Cheese is stored for prolonged periods as the product has to mature to a certain taste before it is shipped out to the food manufacturers some of whom are in mainland Europe as well as within our shores.The warehouses can be individually temperature controlled to suit the ambient conditions required for a specific cheese product.

Dried milk powder may find its way to food manufacturers, confectioners and nutrient and supplement producers. The 23 bulk liquid milk tankers will transfer large volumes of milk between creameries and manufacturing sites that supply the main supermarkets and dairy produce companies.

The new DAF trucks are lightweight and this means that they can carry an extra 500 litres (approx. 500kg) of milk.Add to this improved fuel economy meaning savings on fuel costs per annum as well as increasing revenue from increased product loads.

Edwards Transport are keen to be seen as considerate employers and the driver comfort of the new DAF is class leading.With drivers away from home for days at a time, the comfort in the cab with accessories such as a microwave, fridge, TV and a comfortable bed make life on the road more tolerable.

Pictured is Jane Edwards receiving the vehicles from Greenhous Commercials Truck Sales Executive, Colin Moore.

Greenhous Commercials will initially maintain and service the new DAF trucks for Edwards Transport.At Hinstock the company has a 3 bay workshop where they carry out repairs and maintenance of their truck and trailer fleet, including pre-MOT work and 6 weekly service inspections.

Edwards Transport have an experienced back-up office team that operate 24/7 supporting both customers and drivers alike with information about the progress of orders and deliveries. Modern technological aids on board the vehicles monitor driver performance and data including temperature of the product on board. All systems designed to ensure security and quality of the load and its delivery.