100k Dog Walking Challenge for Dementia UK!

Lynsey Heather, Truck Sales & Logistics Supervisor, has been with us here at Greenhous Wolverhampton for a number of years.

Lynsey is taking on the 100k Dog Walking Challenge with her two dog's (aka her babies) Teddy and Bertie, in order to try and help raise money for the amazing Dementia Charity.

Lynsey's mom has been battling Dementia for a long time and after remaining strong over the Christmas period, sadly passed away in early January.

Some incredibly special people are suffering with this awful disease, its heartbreaking. Dementia doesn't just affect the person it has taken over but also their families too.

In times where Dementia pushes you all apart its important to come together in order to get through these difficult times. There is very little we can do to help as there isn't a cure for this awful disease but if you could support Lynsey in any way, as little or as much, as you wish to donate OR even just a share. It is very much appreciated. (Click here to donate, or alternatively pop and see Lynsey to donate :) )

I'd like to take this time to thank all the Nurses and Carers that support Dementia patients on a daily basis.


Just over half way through the month Lynsey cracked the 100k and we couldn’t be more proud of her. Thank you to everyone that has supported her.

Lynsey, Teddy and Bertie kept going for the rest of the month to
see how far they can go. They ended the month with 149.97km's and raised an incredible £1100!